Salma Hayek Nude

Salma Hayek Nude in Ask The Dust

For now, Ask The Dust is the most recent film in which we see Salma Hayek nude. I'm sure she'll be taking it off sometime soon again for us, however. After all, she definitely has plenty of miles left on the naked-meter before we'll pass on seeing her strip down.

Ask the Dust finds Salma and her amazingly hot body glistening wet, naked at the beach. Close your eyes and just imagine before you sneak a peak at the pics! Isn't that just the picture of heaven on earth!!! Salma Hayek is a solid 7.0 on the richter scale when it comes to earth-shaking hotties. This scene alone is worth the price of admission. For those of you that actually give a dern about the move, it's based in L.A. in the early 1930's. It's a very passionate film about overcoming one's surroundings and fighting to make dreams come to fruition. My dreams came true when I saw Salma Hayek nude in this movie! lol

Salma Hayek Nude In Ask The DustSalma Hayek Nude In Ask The DustSalma Hayek Nude In Ask The DustSalma Hayek Nude In Ask The DustSalma Hayek Nude In Ask The DustSalma Hayek Nude In Ask The Dust

Salma Hayek Nude in Frida

Frida was the next film in which Salma decided to bless us with her beautiful Mexican nakedness! Frida was released in 2002 and included a few juicy scenes that Salma bared all for the cameras. It actually came as quite as suprise for me, because we hadn't seen Salma Hayek nude on film since Desperado was made. She showed up and did it grand in this movie, however!

Frida was a bio type film that followed Mexican painter Frida Kahlo. Salma was actually nominated for an Academy Award for her role. I believe it had something to do with her stripping naked, how about you? I'd give her an award anytime she stripped for me and that's for sure. No questions asked baby!

Salma Hayek Nude In FridaSalma Hayek Nude In FridaSalma Hayek Nude In FridaSalma Hayek Nude In Frida

Salma Hayek Nude in Desperado

Desperado is a film made in 1995. This was the first film in which we got to see Salma Hayek nude on screen. The scene in question was opposite Antonio Banderas. She had spectators in as much of a daze as she did Banderas when the hot sex scene was over. It proved to be one of the most erotic and sexy scenes that Hollywood has ever come past.

For those that care about the actual movie, it's about a former mariachi who is looking for revenge against a Mexican drug lord for killing his love. Desperado happens to be the sequel to the director's independent El Mariachi. El Mariachi didn't have the pleasure of Salma Hayek nude, in case you were wondering. I be that's why you never heard of it!

Salma Hayek Nude In DesperadoSalma Hayek Nude In Desperado

Salma Hayek Biography

Before we get into the wonderfulness that are Salma Hayek nude picutres, let's learn a bit about the most beautiful Mexican-American actress on earth. Salma was born 09/02/1966 and her full name is actually Salm Hayek Jimenez. Salma was born in Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz, Mexico (say that three times fast!) Her mother, Diana Jimenez, was an opera singer and her father Sami was an oil exec. You may not know that when she was twelve, she was diagnosed with dyslexia. She was also a helluva gymnast when she was younger. This may explain God's gift to the world aka her body!

Salma has been in well over 30 films from those made in America, Mexico and Spain. Though it was not her first role, the one that made me and most of America take notice was 1995's role opposite Antonio Banderas in Desperado. It was also the first time we got to see a Salma Hayek nude video. Boy was it incredible!